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Marta César: "We respond to the financial needs of our clients with creative and effective solutions "


To provide financial advice to companies is more than a theoretical process of reengineering; “it means advising firms not only by offering recommendations, but also by implementing them successfully. This requires creative solutions that take into account the needs of the clients, their vision and objectives”, affirmed Marta César, Regional Vice-President of Corporate Finance from LAFISE “Latin American Financial Services”.

One of the main purposes of LAFISE’s Division of Corporate Finance is to facilitate professional support, high trustworthiness and efficiency to companies in challenging situations or opportunities, such as the processes of purchase and/or selling of companies, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, raising of capital, and financial valuations, in order to avoid the wear away of firms and the neglect of their operational functions. For example, the division of a company between its business partners, or a family succession from one generation to the next, could become a problem for the individuals involved if they do not seek professional assistance that guarantees effective mechanisms, and lets them concentrate on the continuation of their operations.

The key to Marta´s success comes from implementing LAFISE´s politics of working hand by hand with clients to customize the financial solutions that each situation requires. The client is the real protagonist of the products and recommendations that will be implemented, because LAFISE combines its financial expertise with the business knowledge of the client; in this way, the client feels the real owner of his/her strategic plans to become more competitive, to reduce his/her financial costs or to select the most ideal partners for his/her business.

Marta César reiterated that the first step to achieve success in the area of financial advisory services is the clients interest to improve the situation of the firm, to increase the company value, or to become more competitive in order to adapt more quickly to the new market conditions without concern of the changes to come. The company needs to be able to constantly evolve and adjust to market changes in order to obtain and maintain a good positioning in its industry.

Local businessmen as well as foreign investors should obtain proper advice since some times they tend to resolve matters on their own, possibly missing out opportunities by not having the adequate tools to develop and expand their business. Investing in the United States has many advantages if you enter the market with a firm step, after having made pertinent investigations.

The intense work and dedication of its directors, the experience and training of its executives and the network of contacts and offices in Miami, Mexico, Central America, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, have allowed LAFISE to obtain great success at a national and international level. LAFISE has won important bid processes and has made innumerable innovative transactions in the financial arena.

Marta Cecilia César, MBA, is a young Nicaraguan executive, with studies in Georgetown University and INCAE. She is also certified as an Accredited Valuation Analyst. Her continuous training, knowledge of several languages, multiple business travel experiences and excellent public relations among other, have contributed to her success in the business world, in other times destined only to older people.

"The fact that I am young has not been an obstacle in achieving my professional goals and objectives. I have obtained credibility by demonstrating the quality of my work and my dedication towards the success of my clients, always working under the highest ethical standards”.

“I think that the United States, particularly Miami, offers endless opportunities for the development of young professionals. Nevertheless, it is essential to always improve and be demanding with one self, trusting in our learning ability, and our value as persons committed with excellency in our work; it is also important to have goals and learn from the experience of others,” affirmed Marta Cesar.

This successful executive plans to continue her professional and academic development, become a mother (she has been happily married for almost two years), alternate her job with her passion for the piano, and at some point, dedicate a part of her time to teaching.

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." - T.S. Eliot




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