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Marta Cesar: "We respond to the financial needs of our clients with creative and effective solutions "
ITIPress.org -To provide financial advice to companies is more than a theoretical process of reengineering; “it means advising firms not only by offering recommendations, but also by implementing them successfully. This requires creative solutions that take into account the needs of the clients, their vision and objectives”, affirmed Marta César, Regional Vice-President of Corporate Finance from LAFISE “Latin American Financial Services”.


Alejandra Castro-Nunez: "My Miami”
ITIPress.org / The administration at Miami-Dade County counts with young professionals. Those people not only identify themselves with the city but they participate in its development and growth.  Daily they face challenges but oversee obstacles to reach a common goal. Making Miami-Dade County the best place to live. Alejandra Castro forms part of this team of young professionals that are helping shape Miami’s future.

EZ Group: The next eBay or Amazon?
ITIPress.org – EZ Group (Listen to "How did it start") (on EZ Group) is bringing the Internet back to its basics, to what the Internet was intended to do: The Ease of Use, Convenience and Speed. Otto Bethlen, 31, in conjunction with Jose Cancio Jr. (son of the entrepreneur Pepe Cancio Sr., CEO de Central Concrete Supermix) and a team of professionals started what can easily be the next eBay or Amazon. “We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, only make things easier for the average user. The Internet is still too complicated.”

Hugh Simon Jr. on The Free Trade Area of the Americas
ITIPress.org -
“The FTAA would allow 34 countries have the advantages of a free trade in a market of eight hundred million people”, told Hugh Simon Jr., Former Florida's Undersecretary of State for International Affairs.





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