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EZ Group: ¿The next eBay or Amazon?
ITIPress.org – Angelica Velasquez

EZ Group (Listen to "How did it start") (on EZ Group) is bringing the Internet back to its basics, to what the Internet was intended to do: The Ease of Use, Convenience and Speed. Otto Bethlen, 31, in conjunction with Jose Cancio Jr. (son of the entrepreneur Pepe Cancio Sr., CEO de Central Concrete Supermix; read interview (in Spanish)) and a team of professionals started what can easily be the next eBay or Amazon. “We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, only make things easier for the average user. The Internet is still too complicated.”

The first EZ Group portal is ez2rent.com (the EZ concept), a website for the rental industry (Definition of to rent) where people can find a growing selection of items for rent. In the first 5 month of its existence the site has attracted more traffic (Alexa.com Traffic Statistics) than other heavily advertised sites like Ditech.com.

“In ez2rent.com small, medium and big size businesses have the possibility to let people show their rental services in a place where the content is clearly identified and they don’t get lost like in Yahoo or Google. Ez2rent.com is targeted to one specific niche: rentals. That’s the difference which determines the effectiveness of our service”, says Lina Betancur, Vice President of Business Development. (Strategy) (The EZ Difference) (Benefits) (Affordable?)

“The decision to rent can be for economical, practical or convenience reasons. How many times will you use an item? By the way, if you look inside people’s garages you find a lot of things which they were supposed to rent and not to buy (Why rent and not buy). To how many weddings do you go in your life? Will you buy a wheelchair when you need it only after an accident? It surely would be practical to rent costumes or jewelry which you use only for special occasions” asserts Otto Bethlen, President and CEO (example Oscar awards).

The rental industry has expanded into many areas to give comfort to users. Nowadays you can rent a computer, a car or a house with the same ease as a DVD or a Video. (Main countries) (Cultural Differences)

The EZ Group, after launching ez2rent.com, has many more EZs in the pipeline like ez2auction.com, ez2mortgage.com, ez2date.com, ez2bank.com and ez2vacation.com (next EZs), all with the same concept: Ease of Use, Convenience and Speed.

“The key of our success is that we believe in ideas not speeches.”
– Otto Bethlen




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