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How you can become wealthy by following the basic principles of investing? Basically, itís all about the effect of compound interest. It says that whereas some numbers can grow in an arithmetic progression (like 2,4,6,8,10,12,14...), others numbers grow exponentially (like 2,4,8,16,32,64,128...) like in Mooreís Law.

The stock market as a whole, like the Dow Jones or the S&P 500, has grown historically around 10-13% annually since the 20ís or the 50ís. Letís say you invested only $2,000 annually and started at age 25. How much is your worth when retiring at age 65? Youíd be worth $1,111,481. Youíd be a millionaire, even when calculating only 10% interest. What if youíd add more than $2,000 a year at some point in your life? Please make this calculation with the ITI Investment Calculator.

Now letís come back to Warren Buffet. He is the second richest man on this planet and the most known investor. How much did he make a year? 70%, 80% or more? No, he made 22% annually on average. You can easily find this and any other information we publish here on the Internet and in books, if you donít believe that...If you have studied the ITI Investment Calculator, and we strongly recommend to do so, you have already discovered that you can make big bucks in achieving a great return as a percentage of money invested. As well, you can easily verify with this calculator, that it is not important to start with a lot of money, what is really important is the effect of compound interest and achieving a high percentage of at least part of your money invested. So, now letís get a little bit deeper into this magic effect of compound interests. See www.Stockletter.tv  for more information.

"Buy when everyone is selling and hold until everyone is buying." - J. Paul Getty




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