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Investing in funds which are designated to buy mortgage loans are an alternative for people who don’t want to take high risk. Some of those funds even pay monthly interests to their investors.

Specialized companies with a good sense of local real estate markets buy mortgage loans in default at highly favorable prices. Banks want to get rid of these loans, because they do not look good on their balance sheets. Investors contribute parts of the capital and receive fixed interests around 11%.

The funds are deposited in escrow accounts, which are regulated by the fed (and thus more than secure). The first intent is to renegotiate the loans with the debtors, which have high interest in this, because they don’t want to loose their properties.

Anyway, the company which negotiates keeps emergency funds to ensure interest payments for investors.

 “This is highly secure investment, especially when compared with the volatility and instability of the stock market”, affirms attorney Oscar Grisales-Racini, and adds: “The advantage of having to deal with residential loans is, that if for any reason the debtor doesn’t not respond and gives up on his property, after 90 days the property by law belongs to the fund, which means to the investors and the property will be sold.

However, everything will be done to offer acceptable conditions for the debtor to repay his debt and, of course, keep their property."

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