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Start a new year. Offer yourself a raise!

Soraya Nasrallah Gazelle for TheInvestor.tv / ITI Press

This year gift yourself the best gift you can have – a raise! How do you start? Investing part of your income in a no-load fund that offers you the diversity needed for both good times and bad times in the market. The no-load fund I am interested in showing you is the Fidelity Four In One Index Fund, ticker symbol (FFNOX).

This fund is offered by Fidelity - www.Fidelity.com – and it is a no-load fund,
meaning it won’t charge you a fee to purchase its shares thus, all of your investment dollars are put to work. I recommend you to open with them a regular or retirement account (like an IRA, Roth IRA, One Person 401k etc.) so that you can get started.

Just contact Fidelity so that you can have your own brokerage account where you may invest your money in funds, individual stocks, bonds etc. This account could end up being quite beneficial for your financial well being.

With a retirement account you will be able to defer taxes until you withdraw the money for retirement. With a regular account (retail account) you will pay taxes every year on the interest and dividends that the fund receives through its investments.

The following information offers you the basics of this no-load fund which I just purchased for my Roth IRA in November of 2006 @ around $28 per share.

Fidelity Four-In-One Index Fund – (FFNOX)  

  • FFNOX invests your money into 4 funds offered by Fidelity. It is like purchasing 4 individual funds at the same time.
  • These 4 funds are the following: The first 3 invest in individual stocks and the fourth fund invests in United States Government bonds; which offer you the opportunity to receive monthly interest income. Important Note: I highly recommend that you re-invest all your interest and dividend income that may be produced for you by this fund so that you may ultimately obtain a greater return on your investment due to the compounding effect.

1.     55% is in the Spartan 500 Index Fund

2.     15% is in the Spartan International Index Fund

3.     15% is in the Spartan Extended Market Index Fund

4.     15% is in the U.S Bond Index Fund  

●   The FFNOX has been given 4 stars by Morningstar - the independent Chicago based company that analyzes and rates funds. 5 stars is their highest rating.  

●   FFNOX has a year to date (YTD) historical average of 8.12%.

I must also mention that during bear market times (when the market is heading down) this fund’s return had been negative. We must also remember that we don’t usually get to experience severe down markets like the one we experienced in 2000, 2001 and part of 2002.

The important concept here is that when you invest your money in a fund it is imperative that you keep in mind that you are investing for your retirement and that you are not to buy and sell a fund like you do with an individual stock. In order for a fund to work on your behalf you must let the compounding effects work on your behalf and that means that you should hold a fund for 6 to 10 years or more – it depends on how the overall market has done.  

We are talking about accumulating money, not buying and selling stocks every 2 to 3 months! Also, keep in mind that a retail or retirement account is not the only retirement vehicle that you should maintain in your personalized investment pie! Below I offer you a glimpse of what I believe is necessary for any individual that wishes to live a great life without worrying about their future well being.



“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders.  Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea”. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery




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