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Start a new year. Offer yourself a raise!
Soraya Nasrallah Gazelle for TheInvestor.tv / ITI Press
This year gift yourself the best gift you can have – a raise! How do you start? Investing part of your income in a no-load fund that offers you the diversity needed for both good times and bad times in the market. The no-load fund I am interested in showing you is the Fidelity Four In One Index Fund, ticker symbol (FFNOX). This fund is offered by Fidelity - www.Fidelity.com – and it is a no-load fund, meaning it won’t charge you a fee to purchase its shares thus, all of your investment dollars are put to work. I recommend you to open with them a regular or retirement account (like an IRA, Roth IRA, One Person 401k etc.) so that you can get started.

Playing The Float With Credit Cards
ITIPress.org - Marlon Jerez / Consultant in Economics

 and Financial Issues
In the world of finance, floating is a concept that is widely utilized and it is one in which consists in using adequately the existing term between the issuing of a check and the moment in which it becomes cash. This is due to the fact that within banks there exist a period of compensation, which may be taken advantage of for financing purposes.


Speed up your retirement A solution for those that have been slacking
ITIPress.org - Soraya

Are you feeling as if your life is financially stuck in a land of depressive small figures? You keep working and making an income, but it keeps running away from you not to find its way into your savings or retirement accounts. You know that you want to achieve success financially and emotionally; after all one affects the other. For those in need of speeding up their retirement and who own a home that has substantially moved up in value, it is imperative that you look into the following. 

A simple solution for the one-person (self-employed) business owner! ITIPress.org - Soraya Nasrallah
Ok, so you have your own business, company name, business bank account and you are rolling along selling your product and /or services! Everything is looking pretty good and you are starting to make some money. You have decided that you don’t want to re-invest all of your profits back into your company because you know that the only way to move ahead financially, on a personal level, is to invest some of those profits so that they may grow to a respectable sum of money that will help you retire in style! You are not sure what to do about it, but you do know that you would like to save money on taxes.

A Basic Startup For New Investors.
ITIPress.org - Soraya Nasrallah Are you new to the markets and stranded in a sea of information, charts, and other vehicles that promise to help you achieve the ultimate dream; the dream of becoming wealthy and to retire in style? For many investors or those that have yet to enter the markets, it is still a frustrating confusion comprised of a wide variety of information. The main goal for many of those that are new to the markets and are committed to learning is it important to set a plan as to what direction needs to be taken in order to get started!

Kids are Curious About Money, Business, and Investing
ITIPress.org – Soraya Nasrallah / “What does investing mean?” yelled the six-year-old son of an acquaintance of mine. I was at a local café talking with friends about my new book, “InvestorWiz”. During the conversation a variety of investment-related words came up which prompted the boy’s curiosity and subsequent interruption.  

Market Indices
ITIPress.org - Marlon Jerez / Consultant in Economics and Financial Issues

Stock market indexes offer a useful form of conceptualizing the large amount of information that is produced from the continuous purchase and sale that occurs within the stock market. At the same time the use of market indexes present new problems. First, there exist many different indexes that compete against each other to attract attention. Second, indexes differ in its construction and interpretation. There exist indexes for a wide variety of instruments, but the indices for bonds, options, futures and other instruments that are not securities are not very well known or commonly followed.

The Brokerage Industry
Marlon Jerez / Consultant in Economics and Financial Issues
Translated by Economic Adviser Soraya Nasrallah

In actuality the brokerage industry continues to develop rapidly. Many of the traditional restrictions against banking activities within the brokerage industry are being eliminated and the barriers are disappearing. Due to this, some commercial banks have as subsidiaries, brokerage houses that offer discounts and some of them have available accounts that offer all of the services that are offered by a checking account.

Bad Debt versus Good Debt
ITIPress.org -Marlon Jerez / Consultant in Economics and Financial Issues
Translated by Economic Adviser Soraya Nasrallah

Why do we ask for borrowed money? Usually it is because we do not count enough on the money that we have in order to buy what we need or want – like a education. If one person needs to finance four years of education, that person will need to invest between $30M US to $80M US dollars or more depending on the university that is selected. Not many people are able to pay up front that type of money. In turn most people need to indebt themselves in order to pay for all the costs that accompany the higher education that they desire.

Do Love and Money Go Hand and Hand? 
Marlon Jerez / Consultant in Economics and Financial Issues

Translated by Economic Adviser Soraya Nasrallah
Are you ready to go into marriage with the person you love? Or, are you married? If that is so, congratulations! I hope you have a long and happy life together. Apart from the emotional and moral compromises that will be made or have been done with your loved one, it is possible that your finances will also be united.  It would be quite unusual for both of you to have identical ideals toward your finances; after all, opposites attract. Even if you both have agreed on goals for the future, remember that to administering money together with another person is very different from administering money alone.  

What Is A Financed Lease?  
Marlon Jerez / Consultant in Economics and Financial Issues

Translated by Economic Adviser
Soraya Nasrallah
The financing of a lease is a compromise between the lessor and the lessee. The lessee makes payments over a specific period of time to the lesser on what is leased. This rental compromise may be cancelled only if both parties agree with the cancellation. If the property rented is equipment, the duration of the rental is generally equal to the useful life of the equipment or machinery. Real estate leasing is extended for 20 years or more may corner only a small fraction of the expected life of the structure. Maintenance and other services are generally not care of by the lessee under the finance.  

What are Risk Capital Funds?
ITIPress.org - Marlon Jerez / Consultant in Economics and Financial Issues
To understand what risk capital is, it is necessary to understand what it is not. Financing provided by a bank to a company is not considered risk capital. Neither do stocks or bonds which an investment company buys in the market contain risk capital. Nor is the money raised by developers for apartment buildings or shopping centers risk capital. If you and a group of friends join together and invest money in a company so that it can grow, then this type of capital can be considered risk capital. Money invested in a new company which has a potential for rapid growth is risk capital.

Start a Long-term Affair Today!  (With Dollar Cost Averaging)
ITIPress.org - Soraya Nasrallah / Dollar Cost Averaging is a great way to heal those Bear inflicted wounds! You select an investment and add a fixed dollar amount to it on a regular (monthly) basis, regardless of market trends. The end result is usually a lower average per share cost to the investor than the average price of the shares over the time period...more
Institutional Investors
ITIPress.org - Soraya Nasrallah /
In these troublesome times in the market it is imperative to make a distinction between a stock with the Institutional sponsorship or without the Institutional sponsorship. Yes, the Market Direction is critical since 3 out of 4 stocks tend to follow the market, so we are thankful to have found a small handful of stocks that over the past year offered substantial returns...more
How to calculate the return of an investment
ITIPress.org – Marlon Jerez / Consulting in Economics and Finance
When realizing an investment, you have the potential of increasing your capital in several ways. If you keep your money in a bank account, you’ll receive interest payments for letting the bank work with your money. The interest is referred to as the return. When talking about an investment in the stock market, the term return is commonly used. Now let’s take a closer look at this return and its components.
Stock Letter
How you can become wealthy by following the basic principles of investing? Basically, it’s all about the effect of compound interest. It says that whereas some numbers can grow in an arithmetic progression (like 2,4,6,8,10,12,14...), others numbers grow exponentially (like 2,4,8,16,32,64,128...) like in Moore’s Law.
Mutual Funds, the new way of saving in the new millennium
ITIPress.org - Marlon Jerez / Consulting in Economics and Finance
Nowadays, people face many decisions, for example, education of their children, the house they want to live in and which is appropriate for their budget, buying a car, etc. Saving is a key to achieve the former. There are many different ways ranging from having a savings account in a bank to more sophisticated investment instruments. In the last decade, mutual funds rose to great importance as a means of saving in order to achieve a higher interest rate as conventional savings instruments.

Strategy to buy mutual funds
ITIPress.org - Marlon Jerez/ Consulting in Economics and Finance
The best strategy to invest in mutual funds or any other investment is “buy cheap and sell expensive”. This is the way to make a lot of money buying shares when they are close to their lows and sell them when they are at their highs.

Secure Investing
ITIPress.org / Investing in funds which are designated to buy mortgage loans are an alternative for people who don’t want to take high risk. Some of those funds even pay monthly interests to their investors. Specialized companies with a good sense of local real estate markets buy mortgage loans in default at highly favorable prices. Banks want to get rid of these loans, because they do not look good on their balance sheets. Investors contribute parts of the capital and receive fixed interests around 11%.
Dollarization an its effect on capital markets
ITIPress.org - Marlon Jerez / Consulting in Economics and Finance
According to the Joint Economic Committee, dollarization can be unofficial, semiofficial or official. The unofficial dollarization takes place when people carry most of their values in foreign assets, even if the foreign currency is not an official currency in the country in question. The semiofficial dollarization takes place when the dollar is an official currency in the country in question. It can dominate bank deposits, but it is a secondary paper compared to the local currency when it comes to paying salaries, taxes, etc. This situation is referred to as officially bi-monetary system.
Evaluating the return of an investment instrument
ITIPress.org - Raul Lopez / Industrial Engineer MBA
When you invest in a company or a business, you trade present “sacrifices” with expectations of future (higher) benefits. You are projecting either a higher value of your invested assets  and/or interests and dividends
What to consider when choosing an investment
ITIPress.org - Raul Lopez / Industrial Engineer MBA
Globalization and integration of the financial markets bring some very interesting opportunities to investors. However, there is a growing demand of education to understand the instruments and dozens of new markets. Despite of the opportunities, the basic principles of investing in order to choose where to invest did not change at all.



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