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Transit in Miami, on the way of fast modernization


The plan to improve the transit is sophisticated and has projections until 2013. Amongst others, to establish a bus network in the main areas, supported by mini buses to make connections to the train stations. This system is already in use with excellent results in New York and Barcelona. The number of miles, covered by the bus service, is planned to increase from 27 million to 44 million, with the frequency being improved to 15 minutes or less during rush hours. Likewise, the construction of 88.9 miles of a fast transportation system will be completed. The project of transit routes North and East-West is ready to enter into the planning phase. As well, improvements of the freeways and street in the county are in the making, which will greatly improve accessibility to downtown, signaling systems and widening of many causeways.

Special attention will be given to neighborhoods, modification of intersections, pavements of streets, repair and new construction of sidewalks, installation and repair of sidewalks and security barriers, signal systems in school areas, creation of green zones and bicycle ways in the county. The transit plan of the county will be financed by an increase of ˝ and 1 cent of sales taxes, which contribute to the local fund (the federal government will contribute 50% of the capital investment of the train infrastructure). Please visit www.trafficrelief.com  for more information.

Source: Transit Department of Miami-Dade County

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