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New Orleans is alive!
ITIPress – Angelica Velasquez

The destruction and flooding brought by hurricane Katrina was the worst tragedy in American history. Surprisingly, not only is the city of New Orleans in its re-birth stages. The important port city of New Orleans, which lies adjacent on the shores of the majestic Mississippi river, is alive!

Better Than Ever: Miami Delights
ITIPress.org - Margit Oertel-Ayguen
Once forgotten, left to the “snowbirds” and “bohemians” Miami is today the fastest rising star in the whole country. Close after the NYSE, Miami is the most important stock exchange and trade center for business between North-Middle & South-America and the Caribbean.
"Miami Beach is a desired city" Interviews
ITIPress.org - Angelica Velasquez
“Miami Beach is a desired city... the investors are fighting to invest here. We are managing our success”, said David Dermer, Mayor of Miami Beach. This city is famous for its wonderful beaches, exciting night life, entertainment possibilities and big diversity of people. Besides here take place countless artistic events (poetry, dance, music, theatre and so on) that make this island a magic city...more+audio of this interview
Transit in Miami, on the way of fast modernization
The plan to improve the transit is sophisticated and has projections until 2013. Amongst others, to establish a bus network in the main areas, supported by mini buses to make connections to the train stations.
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