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New Orleans is alive!

ITIPress – Angelica Velasquez


The destruction and flooding brought by hurricane Katrina was the worst tragedy in American history. Surprisingly, not only is the city of New Orleans in its re-birth stages. The important port city of New Orleans, which lies adjacent on the shores of the majestic Mississippi river, is alive!


Of course, it is difficult to find words to describe the devastation in several areas that are accessible by taking the hurricane Katrina tour. However, one must mention that the beautiful French Quarter was untouched by the destruction together with other important sectors of this city. Just like in the old times, tourists can walk or go via carriage through The French Quarter and enjoy the architecture, the museums, get a taste of the unique cuisine and cocktails, savor their coffee, appreciate the diversity of the French Market and from there, take the Streetcar which will take you to different stations and interesting locations like Jackson Square, “Plaza de España”, the World Trade Center and the River Walk.

It is also quite exciting to visit the
Mississippi river by steam boat in order to be a witness to the importance of New Orleans within American history in the past and also in the present. During the escape filled with the best jazz music as background, those that are found on board will get a view of the huge cargo ships around the world, refineries and sugar plantations. The ferry also continues its activities of transporting motor vehicles from one side of the river to the other. 


As an alternative, the city also offers a TV channel called NOTV which operates 24/7. Through this channel, visitors have access to the multiple possibilities for entertainment. 


And nothing detained the Mardi Grass event. February 11 of 2006 gave start to Mardi Grass with the “great parade”, and as always reflected, ironically through masks and colors, the criticism to the situations of the moment with Katrina as main theme.   


Without doubts New Orleans is a place to visit today and in the future; not only because of its rich history and culture, but also in order to collaborating directly with its revival after surpassing the unthinkable. Its tradition is like no other. Its importance due to its geographical locale allows it to have one of the most important international ports. Oil, sea food, coffee and sugar are just some of the products that maintain permanent circulation. There is an abundance of reasons to visit the magnificent city of New Orleans.

At the same time, New Orleans is a city where visitors will take with them invaluable lessons based on the painful tragedies caused by Katrina.

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"Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful." - Zig Ziglar (1926-) American master sales trainer, author, motivating speaker




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