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Miami Beach is a desired city

“Miami Beach is a desired city... the investors are fighting to invest here. We are managing our success”, said David Dermer, Mayor of Miami Beach. This city is famous for its wonderful beaches, exciting night life, entertainment possibilities and big diversity of people. Besides here take place countless artistic events (poetry, dance, music, theatre and so on) that make this island a magic city.

Simon Cruz, Commissioner of Miami Beach: “The most important thing in Miami Beach is the standard of living. Our major value is the sun as opposed to Copacabana en Rio de Janeiro where the sky high buildings steels you the sun most of the day. We don’t have an environment with huge oppressive buildings, partly because of Art Deco with beautiful facades and small buildings”…To find the right balance in the standard of living and developing the island was one of the most discussed topics in the last 5 years, because with growth came negative aspects like more traffic, lack of parking space and delay in moving from A to B. For that reason the local government adopted means to conserve the environment and current development establishing, amongst others, the 35 feet limit for buildings as a limit in some areas.”

Alex Garcia, COO de Multiplan USA, constructor in South Beach, affirmed: “The most important changes in the zoning where in response to the sentiment of the residents of the island, who wanted to conserve the standard of living. The potential of the development will be controlled by altitude restrictions, which is a reasonable means.

Space for developments is limited in South Beach and the opportunities will move more to the Middle Beach and North Beach where they is still space left. What we are seeing right now in South Beach is the redeveloping and remodeling of the constructions to continue with the process of valuation. Miami Beach will continue to preserve the tropical flair which attracts not only foreign tourists, but also a large number of local tourists who are looking for enjoyment of its beautiful beaches, sun and diversity. All this is mixed with the urban live style which makes this island a city of choice.”

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