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Residence for investors who create employment
ITIPress.org - Flavio Alfie / Attorney specialized in Immigration Law, admitted to the Louisiana State Bar and Buenos Aires Bar Association. He is a partner at Alfie & Alfie, P.A Immigration and Consular Law Firm.

The Immigration and Nationality Act allows for conditional residency for persons who, after November 29, 1990, invest at risk or are actively in the process of investing at risk $ 1,000.000 (or in certain areas of U.S $ 500,000) in a new commercial enterprise that creates full-time employment for not less that ten U.S. workers and engage in the management of the business through day-to-day managerial control or policy formation.

Grabbing the Brass Ring
ITIPress.org - Donna Scarlatelli is a partner at Bander & Scarlatelli, P.A., Immigration Law Firm with over 24 years of practice. / Many clients come to us and have been lead to believe that green cards are hard to get - unless you cheat and marry a U.S. citizen just to get the green card. Unless you are a professional. Unless you have a unique skill. Unless you have lots of money. None of these restrictions are true. Everyone and anyone can get a green card. There are basically only 3 “unless” circumstances: (1) unless you have a serious criminal history, (2) unless you lie to the Government, and (3) unless you don’t act quickly enough, wait too long and stay here longer than the Government allowed. And for some of these three, there are solutions.

The “E” Non-Immigrant Visa
ITIPress.org - P. Tristan Bourgoignie, Esq.*
The “E” non-immigrant visa is based on a bilateral treaty of friendship and commerce between the United States and an individual’s country of origin. Philosophically, the idea behind these visas (and most others) is that the foreign individual come to the U.S., invest his/her money, and in exchange for being given a visa, that they offer some benefit to the U.S., either economically, through employment, or some other manner.








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