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Good news for German-speaking investors and businesses

ITIPress.org - The German Business Council of Florida is dedicated to furthering commerce, culture and art among the German-speaking businesses or Germany-related businesses in Florida and to serve as a hub for German-American entrepreneurs and professionals. Like in Fort Lauderdale, monthly networking events, workshops and seminars on various topics of interest will be offered on an ongoing basis. Additional benefits are derived from the collective purchasing power of the GBCF`s members.

Here are some statistics on German-speaking investors, residents and visitors (from FloridaSunMagazine.com, the leading magazine for high profile German-speaking individuals):

Trade Statistics

* Germany is the number 4 merchandise trade partner for Florida with US$ 3,722.9 billion trade, with an increase of 43.2% over 2001.

* The largest increase in Florida's total exports is attributable to Germany, where Florida exports grew by US$ 1.06 billion, an increase of 322% over 2001.

* German companies comprise the second largest foreign-related employment in Florida. 824 German Companies opened an office in Florida (2002).

* Germany has the strongest economy in Europe and the third largest economy in the world.

* Estimates place the number of German-speaking residents in Florida at more than 300,000 (including German Snowbirds). 65% of all German-speaking residents in the United States live in Florida. Germans account for 2,138 acquisitions of residential Real Estate (2002).

* In 2001, 23.1% of all German visitors to the United States traveled to Florida. There were more than 400,000 German visitors in 2002.

* German visitors stay an average of 18 days in Florida. Greater Ft. Lauderdale

* More than 275,000 German-speaking travelers visited Greater Ft. Lauderdale in 2002. Germany is the largest European market and the second largest international market by country, after Canada.

Greater Miami & the Beaches
More than 316,200 German-speaking visitors came to Greater Miami in 2002. Germany is the largest European market and the third largest international market, after Canada and Brazil.

More Information - Sources:  www.gbcflorida.org “Greater Miami CVB, Greater Ft. Lauderdale CVB, Lee County CVB, Orlando CVB, The Florida Keys & Key West CVB, St., Petersburg/Clearwater Area CVB, Census 2000, Housing Bureau and Economic Development office Florida”

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