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Investments in Chile

Foreign Investment Committee

Chile is widely recognized for its success in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Between 1974 and 2002, materialized foreign investment totaled US$ 58.2 billion. Of this amount, almost 90% has entered the country since 1990 and, in this period, Chile has consistently achieved some of the world's highest FDI/GDP ratios.

Aware of the host of opportunities Chile offers, international companies have been steadily making their way into different sectors of the economy, either by developing new projects or through mergers & acquisitions. Today, more than four thousand companies from 64 countries have investments in Chile. And, because of Chile's growing network of free trade agreements, they not only target the domestic market, but also enjoy privileged access to almost one billion consumers around the world.

FDI has played a vital role in driving Chile's rapid modernization. It has not only helped to sustain economic growth, but has also brought improvements in social conditions and in overall development indicators. And, by creating new jobs around the country, it has encouraged decentralization. As well as introducing new technology and know-how and increasing Chile's commercial and financial integration with the rest of the world, foreign capital has brought new training opportunities and management techniques, helped to improve customer services and fostered local entrepreneurship...more information on




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