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How Fast Can An Asset Manager Move A Property?
By Leo Miller/ www.GoAskLeo.com
Watching a football game this past Sunday afternoon, the commentator made an interesting comment as a player was racing down the field to score a touchdown. “If you pick up your feet and put ‘em back down faster than the other guys, you will score a touchdown.” It made me realize that asset managers are like football coaches choosing agents who can run faster than their competition.

"I do not know what path in life you will take, but I do know this: If, on that  path, you do not find a way to serve, you will never be happy." - Albert Schweitzer



Greater Miami and The Beaches
The Investor's Guide: hotels, attractions, shopping specials, cool  transportation and

Miami Real Estate
 Office Guide



Greater Miami and The Beaches
: 12 feet / 3.6 meters / 15+ miles of beaches.
Climate: Subtropical Annual average daily temperature
75 degrees Fahrenheit / 23 degrees Celsius. Year-round sunshine Ethnic breakdown: White 72.9%, Hispanic 49.2%, Black 20.6%  Median household income:  $28,246
Government: 30 municipalities, incl. Miami-Dade County, City of Miami, City of Miami Beach and Bal Harbour Village.
Playing The Float With Credit Cards
ITIPress.org - Marlon Jerez / Consultant in Economics and Financial Issues

In the world of finance, floating is a concept that is widely utilized and it is one in which consists in using adequately the existing term between the issuing of a check and the moment in which it becomes cash. This is due to the fact that within banks there exist a period of compensation, which may be taken advantage of for financing purposes.
Legal Strategies for Brand Building Competitive Business Leverage through Intellectual Property
ITIPress.org - Gerald S. Duty/ Attorney At Law

It is common for small businesses to underestimate the value of trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property and their role in creating business opportunities and enhancing an enterprise’s valuation.  Most businesses, whether they are selling goods or services, have invested heavily in building a reputation.  Such a reputation can become a valuable business asset and just like any asset, should be protected and managed to maximize its value. more...

Keep Your Credit in Check: expanding your wealth-building options  ITIPress.org - Victoria Osorio/ Licensed Mortgage Broker and Lic. Real Estate Agent.  Whether you are buying a house, car or boat, keeping your credit in check is important. In recent years we have seen various changes take place in the economic landscape that call for revisiting this topic, especially for executives. Contrary to popular belief, income has nothing to do with your actual credit score.

Better Than Ever: Miami Delights
ITIPress.org - Margit Oertel-Ayguen
Once forgotten, left to the “snowbirds” and “bohemians” Miami is today the fastest rising star in the whole country. Close after the NYSE, Miami is the most important stock exchange and trade center for business between North-Middle & South-America and the Caribbean.



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